Club History
Mission Statement
Program Overview
Camp and Clinics
U7 - U8 Program
Soccer Shop
Calender and Weather
our training cirriculum  ¦  player training  ¦  coaches training
a guide for parents and players  ¦  letter of agreement
planning practices and training sessions  ¦  players understanding the training sessions
making drills and session work  ¦  player evaluations  ¦  player development
speed & agility  ¦  additional emphasis in our training
Our Purpose: (The club and the coach)

The purpose of the clubs existence is to develop players in Northern Kentucky. To give them a place to play the game and have fun. To develop both their soccer and life skills.

The coach must understand that we have a specific goal in mind. The coach must decide weather this goal and mission coincides with the coach’s goals and missions.

  1. We want to develop players for the next level of play. We have no interest in coaches who want to develop their win/loss record.
  2. Players will move to the next level if:
    - The ability of the player warrants them to move up.
    - If the player wants to move up.
  3. Evaluation should be completed semi-annually. (We advertise this as part of our program.)
  4. Coaches continue their education process.
  5. Coaches attend most clubs meeting. Meeting will consist of-Information to upcoming events of the club. A training session for the coach. Questions, answers and suggestions.
  6. Coaches adhere to our training curriculum to age specific training and development.
  7. Coaches adhere to the chain within the club. Make sure you seek proper advice when in doubt, before going outside of the club.
  8. Coaches adhere to proper training guidelines within the coach’s handbook. We have no desire to be liable or open to legal actions because of negligence both by the coach or the club. Follow our program of training and progression.

    Please understand that this club was formed with a purpose. The following rules were set up to establish what this program was formed for and to make sure there are no misunderstandings between all involved.

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