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our training cirriculum  ¦  player training  ¦  coaches training
body composition  ¦  conditioning  ¦  12 basic affirmations  ¦  terms used in soccer
ball feelling  ¦  additional ball work  ¦  passing & recieving  ¦  speed & accelleration
juggling the ball  ¦  sensitizing the body  ¦  speedwork  ¦  speed training exercises


  • Juggling is a way of developing a good touch on the ball. Try to use
    proper technique and keep the ball under control. Relax as you juggle.
  • Keep count, and try to increase the number of juggles.
  1. Start with the feet-Juggle the ball and let it bounce on the ground, then juggle again (juggle and bounce). Use both feet.
  2. Next juggle with the feet with the ball not touching the ground. Get as many juggles as possible, without the ball touching the ground.
  3. Juggle with the right foot only.
  4. Juggle with the left foot only.
  5. Next try to juggle the ball while trying to move forward. Walk forward as you juggle to a set finish line. If you loose possession, start as that point and continue to juggle to the finish. Repeat the process going back.
  6. Only after you become a proficient juggler- Instead of walking as in #5, try to jog and juggle to the finish line.
  7. With the thigh- do the same sequence as above.
  8. With the head- try juggling the ball with little juggles with the forehead.
  9. As you become proficient- try to juggle with all parts of the body. Take the ball from the feet to the thigh to the head and back. Keep count of you juggles. Try to increase you number.

Note: If you have a partner who also can juggle-try juggling with a partner. Keep track of you juggles. Juggle back and forth, keeping the ball from touching the ground.

Also, you can play Soccer Tennis –playing the ball over an imaginary net to a partner. The ball can be played to the partner and it can hit the ground once before being played back.


  • Always play the ball under control.
  • Play the ball to your partner – the way you would want your partner to play the ball to you.
  • Try to increase your count of the number of juggles each time you train.

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