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Dedicated to Player Development

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  • To develop players, individually to their highest playing potential.

  • To have a detailed curriculum and a comprehensive developmental program for each age group. Appropriate age training, developed through the coaching director, assistant director, trainers and coaches.

  • To develop the highest level of professional training through:
    • Regular coach and trainer meetings.
    • Ongoing coaching development.
    • Regular evaluation of coaches and trainers.
    • Rigid interview and hiring process of trainers.

  • To assure affordable cost to players. The club is a not for profit organization. We will make every effort to give a playing opportunity to any dedicated player.

  • To develop good sportsmanship and fair play.

  • To reinforce the importance of education.

  • To help in providing a positive attitude and a sense of self worth.

  • To have fun through a sport.

  • To help in the process of making good life choices.

  • To present good role models. We emphasis that our coaches and trainers must always be showing players a positive adult image.