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  • The program is developed for each individual age group.
  • Professional trainers assigned to each team throughout the season.
  • Coaching director USSF National license, NSCAA license.
  • Coaches must have USSF E license, and be working toward a USSF State D license.
  • Player evaluations given each season. Players are evaluated against their own improvement; reports and suggestions for self-training are given out.
  • Training manuals-developed for the player to work on their self-training.
  • Two to three training sessions per week, depending on age group.
    Full seasonal programs, developed by regular meeting of coaches, trainers and coaching directors.
  • In house mini clinics.
  • In house camps.
  • Goalkeeper training .
  • U-7 and U-8 in house programs.
  • Regular try outs conducted on a seasonal basis.
  • On line player and parent information that can be accessed through our web site.
  • We strive for a very affordable program. We are a not for profit club. All fees go to the operating cost of the club.
  • Outside trainers and clinicians brought in for additional training and support.

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  • The cost of our program is determined by:
  • The age level of the player
  • The type of program the player is playing in. (Premier, competitive)
  • All fees go to the operating cost of the club.
  • The club is dedicated to bring the very highest quality program for an affordable price.
  • Our fees will be at a competitive price, however we will not compromise our level of training. Our fees are predicated on giving our players the very highest quality of trainers, coaches and a program that we are determined to be of the very highest in the area.
  • Uniform fees additional (not a seasonal fee).
  • U-7 and U-8 program There is a very nominal fee. This is an in house program, and the cost is only for a t-shirt and a minimal sigh up fee.

Price List

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Please review the following goals for our training of our players.
They may or may not be right for you.

  • We do not play only to win or move up in the league standings. We use our games as a test of what our players are learning. We feel that it takes time and patience to develop the individual player. We will not sacrifice development of the "total player" for the win.
  • We strive to develop total soccer players.
  • We want our players to experiment and be creative.
  • We let them play and get acquainted to all positions, especially at the younger age levels.
  • We strive for "Total soccer players"- not "Robot" or "Nintendo" players. The game is a playerís game.
  • We develop players through training. Emphasis in learning is in the training sessions. Games are the learning experience and we play the game to evaluate what is being learned in the training sessions.
  • We use tournaments sparingly, and only for a fun experience. Too many tournaments are not good for the development of the player.
  • We are careful not to overdo are program. Too much structured soccer can create burnout.
  • We keep the game in perspective. Itís a game to have fun, and players will develop only if they are having a fun learning experience.
  • We very much encourage our players to play on their own. Learn the game through a structured program, however develop it through street soccer and pick up games. Emphasis is placed on players playing without the supervision of adults. Play and experiment, be creative without pressure. We need to develop creative players in the United States, much like basketball players develop.
  • We encourage and asked players to self-train.
  • We encourage them to play with their friends and family members.
  • We encourage them to watch soccer. How can you play if you donít watch soccer at higher levels of play?
  • We insist that our player, trainers, coaches and parents always show good sportsmanship. Our players are taught to respect referees, coaches and other players.