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our training cirriculum  ¦  player training  ¦  coaches training
body composition  ¦  conditioning  ¦  12 basic affirmations  ¦  terms used in soccer
ball feelling  ¦  additional ball work  ¦  passing & recieving  ¦  speed & accelleration
juggling the ball  ¦  sensitizing the body  ¦  speedwork  ¦  speed training exercises
  • Use a wall or a plywood board.
  • These are short quick passes, with good accuracy and pace.
  • You only need to be a short distance from the wall. However, work at different distances.
  • Use good techniques.
  1. Pass the ball against the wall or board, using the following proper passing techniques.
    - The inside of the right and left foot.
    - The outside of both right and left foot.
    - The instep of both right and left foot.
  2. Pass the ball and do different traps when you receive the ball back.
    - Sweep trap the ball with the outside of right and left foot.
    - Sweep trap with the inside of the left and right foot.
    - Trap the ball on the turn, dribble a few steps, do another turn and pass again.
  3. Note: the above passing should be done with the ball staying on the ground. Strike the ball at the proper area to keep it on the ground.

  4. If you have enough wall you can try different passes.
    Chip the ball and then receive.
    Strike the ball with the instep in the air, and then receive.

    Bending the ball to the right or left, then receive.
  5. One touch the ball against the wall. Pass the ball and do not receive. Just pass the ball again.

Note: you can also practice passing with a partner.

  • Make sure you are using proper technique.
  • Make sure your passes are accurate.

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