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We are always looking for players with a desire to develop better soccer skills. We strive to bring players into our program at an early age. In this way we feel we can best help the player with early technical development. At the early age, our emphasis is on technical skill development.
To find more information about our training and try-outs, e-mail kent@klasssoccer.com


  • The player receives a minimal of fifteen to twenty hours of professional training. Professional trainers are assigned to each team for a minimum of fifteen hours per season. The training is given on a one and a half hour per week basis.

  • There is an additional five hours of training through mini clinics, and through guest trainers or the coaching director. This gives the player versatility in the learning process.

  • The player receives excellent coaching. Coaches give the additional training the player receives through the season. Coaches must train their teams in an age appropriate manner. The season is designed and planned. The proper technical and tactical training is done in a planned progression through the entire program. This allows the player to progress very quickly through that season and following seasons. We feel this is lacking in some youth programs. Our entire emphasis is on the skill development of the individual player.

  • The player is evaluated through the season. At seasons end, there is an evaluation sent to the parents. The evaluation is very detailed as to how the player is progressing. The evaluation is to show how the player is progressing within themselves and not against other players. There are suggestion given on how and what the player should be working on for their own improvement.

  • Training manuals are given to each player to use as reference for their own self-training. We also have on line training tips in the player section of our web site.

  • Camps our offered to our players in the off-season. They are at a very affordable price. Since we also do camps outside the club, we feel these camps are as good or better than any offered. In house and outside clinicians are used to give a professional camp.

  • Regular season games are a part of our program. Teams play in the select soccer leagues in the Ohio and Kentucky area. Tournaments are also part of the program. Usually one or two tournaments, depending on the age group. These may be at no extra charge or a slight additional charge. At the early age groups, this may not apply.

  • Friendly games are played against other teams within our club. This gives the coach a better opportunity to develop the player through the game.

  • Street soccer is offered in the off-season, for a slight additional fee.
    This is strictly voluntary. We very much believe in street soccer to better improve the player.

The above is offered to a player for a cost that you would spend for a one-week summer camp.