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Sensitizing The Body:

Teaching your body to receive the ball under control, then playing the ball back under close control. This is best done with a partner (parent, friend or brother-sister). However it can be done on your own. This can be done indoors with a minimal amount of space.

With a partner:
· Have the server stand approximately 3 to 4 feet away from you. You should be somewhat close.
· Your feet should be moving. If you play flat footed, you can’t react to the flight of the ball. (Slightly staggered stance)
· Get in line with the ball.
· Receive with a relaxed body part, control it and then control the pass back. The ball should be kept under close control and not bounding off your body. Usually, if the ball is not under control, it means that you are not relaxing as you receive and probably you are tensing up.
· Server should serve the ball softly, underhand to the proper body part.
· Watch the ball as you receive it and pass it.
· Repeat –10 to 20 times per session then move on to the next body part.
Remember to keep you feet moving.

1.) Serve the ball to the chest, relax the chest, and receive the ball. Let it drop to the ground, directly in front of you. Keep you feet moving, and then play the ball back to the server.
a.) Play the ball back with instep (locked foot-shoelace part)
b.) Inside of foot.
c.) Outside of foot
Use both strong and weak foot.
The pass back should be semi-soft and under control, directly to the hands. Important to slightly bend at the knees as you are receiving as to cushion. Remember it is like catching a water balloon in your hands.

2.) Serve the ball to the chest, (same as above). However, this time play the ball back to the server without it touching the ground. Receive and play it back in the air. Same foot parts as before.

1.) Serve the ball to the top of the thigh. Let it drop to the ground (retract the thigh as you receive the ball). Play it back to the hands of the server. Use different foot parts to play it back. Use both thighs.
2.) Serve the ball to the top of the thigh. Play it up into the air, play it back to the server hands as before. Do not let the ball hit the ground. Use both thighs.
3.) Receive the ball with the inside of the thigh (turn the hip outward). Let it drop to the ground.
This time, because your hip is turned outward, play it back with the inside of the foot. Use both thighs.

1.) Receive the ball with forehead, under control. Cushion it; let it drop in front of you to the ground. On the bounce play it back with the feet. It is important to bend the knees slightly as you receive the ball in order to cushion.

1.) Serve the ball directly to the feet. Play the ball with the feet on the volley (In the air, one touch, back to the players hands). It should be played with a good touch, under control. Play the ball with all parts of the foot to the server’s hands. Remember to keep the feet moving.
a.) Inside of the R and L foot.
b.) Outside of the R and L foot.
c.) Instep of R and L foot (shoelace area.)
Follow and watch the ball coming in. Lock the foot and hit it with the proper surface area and pace.

2.) Serve the ball on a bounce to the player. Have the player do as above, only half volley the ball off the bounce

The next volley is not easy to do. With practice it will come.
3.) Turn the hip inward and on a volley play the ball with the outside of the foot back to the server’s hands. Remember to watch the ball.

Do the same as the first chest exercise, however now as you receive the ball turn the chest right of left, let the ball bounce and play it back. Then play the ball without any bounce. You will play the ball back with the inside of the foot.

1.) The next step – Have the server play the ball to different parts of your body. The server should:
a.) First tell the player just as they release the ball where to receive (chest, foot, thigh, head).
b.) Not telling you at all. Just play the ball to different body areas.
c.) Now the server should step back slightly, and serve the ball to slightly different directions. The player must adjust his stance and body position to get in line with the ball. (Feet must be moving).
d.) Now serve the ball with slightly more pace.

Remember – even at an accomplished level, you still may want to follow the sequence.

Note: if you don’t have a server you can do some of this on your own. You can throw the ball up in the air, receive it, and then play it to a target board or a wall. When the ball bounces off the wall, practice your receiving touch, then pick it up and repeat. Your touch to the wall should be under control. You can also use a rebound board or a rebound net to receive it directly.

Note: a target board can also be used in passing. (See Passing).

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