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ball feelling  ¦  additional ball work  ¦  passing & recieving  ¦  speed & accelleration
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Soccer Speed and Acceleration:

Notes to Speed Training- Game-speed effort is required to improve. You cannot get faster unless you practice being faster first.

Remember: Less than 2% of the total distance a player covers doing a game is with the ball.


Be sure to warm up before any speed and acceleration training.

Stretch before training.

  Recommended Warm-up:

  • Work with the ball for three to five minuets. Dribble and move or pass and move with a partner. You could also do some slow jogging for the same amount of time. (3-5 min.)
  • Skipping
  • Cross over step
  • Side steps (heal clicks) (switch direction 180% every two steps)
  • High knees (Bring knee up high each step)
  • Butt kicks (heal touches the butt every step)
  • Plant and cut (plant the leg diagonal, then cut 3 yards the other direction, repeat the other way)
  • Backpedal to forward sprint (2 X 30 yards)(3/4 speed)
  • Backwards run (2 X 30 yards)
  • Forward sprint to backpedal (2 X 30 yards) (3/4 speed)


Soccer Starts:

8-step, 10 step: 12-step starts (off right/left foot)(off left/right foot)

  • Jogging off right / left foot diagonal left and sprint left. (Reverse)
  • Side-step and go
  • Crossover-step and go
  • Drop-step and go
  • Jump and go
  • 180 %turn and go
  • Plant right-drive left (reverse)
  • You can also sit, lay on back or stomach, from the kneeling position (get up and go)

Note – you would only do a few of the above drills each time you train. You should realize, that these are some of the basic positions a player may have to do a soccer action during a game.

Resistance Drills:

  • Four bounds into a sprint @ 20-yards (off right or off left foot) (you could also bound over four balls).
  • Hill sprints
  • Leap frog over four or five soccer balls (each time going down to a squat and bounding up and over) into a sprint @ 20 yards

Note –you could also do the above –going over the balls, to backwards steps to the beginning, then a sprint forward, and then repeat.

If you don’t have four or five balls improvise (empty milk jugs, or anything about the height of a ball to get over)

Combining Soccer Speed and Acceleration:

Note: focus on quality and complete effort-you can’t forget to be fast while you remember to play, and you can’t forget to play while you remember to be fast.

Make the physical game a matter of cultivation good movement habits.

  1. Backpedal toward another player or an object- when you see the object or the other player (behind you), turn and race to a finish line. Note if you have another partner –have them move forward as you are backpedaling, as soon as you see that player you both turn and race to the finish line. (peripheral vision race)
  2. Carry the ball 5-yards, long push (20 yards) and chase it.
  3. Carry the ball 5-yards, outside pass to a partner and sprint for a long return (20 yards).
  4. Sprint 5-yards, partner feeds a header, you head it back and partner controls the ball, then makes the long lead pass. You sprint 15 to 20 yards after the ball.

Lateral Speed and Agility (LAS)

These drills can be done with an agility ladder, wheel drills, pattern touching, slalom flag or mini-hurdles etc. This may be covered in another section

REMEMBER: Speed and Acceleration must be trained after a full warm-up and stretch. They must be done at all out acceleration, so you must take a slight rest between each exercise, however this should be active rest.

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