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Speed Training Exercises:

Before doing any speed training make sure you are properly warmed up and then a stretch. It is recommended to have a second warm up after the stretch before any speed work.

Do all speed work at top speed with a proper work to rest ratio. An example- Do two sets of five times, with a little active rest between each run. Active rest would be something like ball work or juggling in between each of the runs. After a set, take a slightly longer break, however not too long to let muscles get cold. The object is to do the speed work at the highest top speed possible.

Make sure you have a proper work to rest ratio to get the maximum speed out of each run.

It is very important to know the proper mechanics of how to run. If you are unsure of the mechanics or want to make sure your form is correct, consult your coach or trainer. 

1.)      Four poles or objects in a row, about two yards apart. A goal line or another maker about 7 to 10 yards past the last pole. Run alternately forwards and backwards between the poles with lots of little steps, then sprints to the goal line. You could also run forward the whole way, turning 180 degrees at the end of each pole.

2.)      Two cones or objects in a row one yard in front of you. Again a goal line or marker about 7 to 10 yards away. Run to the first cone with lots of small steps, then around the cone and backwards back to the starting position, then forwards to the second cone and back to the starting line. Then forward again to the first cone with small steps, then a sprint to the goal of marker. See the layout below.                                                                                  


                      Start                                Goal line or marker


  3.)      You stand in front of a cone (or object or a ball), with a goal line about 7 to 10 yards away. Jump over the object back and forth 10 times with both feet. You are facing away form the goal. Then turn and sprint to the goal line.

4.)      Stand in front of three cones arranged in a triangle, again with a goal line about 7 to 10 yards away. Run forward with small steps from cone 1 to cone 2 then backwards to cone 3, around cone 3 and forward to 2, then backwards back to 1, finishing with a sprint to the goal line.

5.)      One pole or object about 1 yard on front of you, again with a goal line about 7 to 10 yards away. Run with small steps around the pole, and then sprint to the goal line. You can add another pole to this exercise. Then you can run around both then sprint to the goal line.

6.)      Five cones arranged as shown below, no more than three yards between cones. Again a goal line about 7 to 10 yards away. Run through the cones at top speed, and then sprint to the goal line. This time you are not taking small steps. You are running all out through the cones. Make the turns tight and fast.  The cones may be moved closer together as you get better. You could also do this exercise with a ball as an option.

                             ^               ^

                                     ^                                          Goal line

                             ^               ^

Note: On all of the above-you could place a ball at the end of the goal line and take a shot on goal (board, wall etc.)

You could also have a ball on the goal line, take the ball at the goal after the first sprint, sprint another 5 to 7 yards with the ball, turn and sprint with the ball back to the goal line.

Do all exercises at top speed, with a proper (active) rest in between each exercise.

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