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ball feelling  ¦  additional ball work  ¦  passing & recieving  ¦  speed & accelleration
juggling the ball  ¦  sensitizing the body  ¦  speedwork  ¦  speed training exercises

Quick acceleration and short sprints are essential for soccer.
When performing sprint work always remember to:
· Do a complete warm-up with some ball work before sprinting.
· After the ball work, then do a good stretching routine.
· Do all your remaining ball work.
· Save your sprint work to the end of your session.
· Do a sprint (one rep), then do active rest with the ball (juggling, ball feeling etc.), and then do another sprint. Three to five repetitions = one set.
· The active rest will help your endurance, and also give you time to recuperate before the next sprint.
· Do your sprint as maximum speed.

The following are some speed work exercises. You would probably only use one or two at any one training session.

1.) Slalom: Place some cones (any object will work-coasters, milk jugs, soccer balls etc.) as below.

A              B                     C                           D                             E
(5 yds.)            (10 yds.)          (10 yds.)                 (10 yds.)

Gradually accelerate from A to B. Then sprint to C and D (slalom around C and D). Then directly sprint to E. Slowly jog back to A. Do some ball work, (juggling, passing, dribbling) and repeat. Do at least three repetitions.

Note: you can also do this same exercise with a ball.

2.) Change of direction:

A B C Coach D E

Gradually accelerate from A to B. Sprint from B to C. Just before reaching C; a partner (parent, sister etc.) plays a ball to the right or left from D. You must react to the ball and sprint after it. If possible set two markers for a small goal at E. This can be a wall, target board etc. Sprint after the ball dribble and try to finish on target. Remember to keep your head down when you strike the ball on target. Collect the ball and play it back to the passer. Repeat. Do five repetitions, then do active rest (ball work), then repeat. Do three sets of five repetitions, each with active rest in between.

3.) Turning:
(5 yrds.) (10 yrds.) (10 yrds.)

Sprint from A to B and turn and go back to A.
Turn at A and sprint to C and turn and go back to B.
Turn at B and sprint to D and turn and go back to C.
Turn at C and sprint to D again. Then directly sprint back to A.

Note: if you have a partner- they can play a ball into you at the end, when you get to D. You can receive it and play it back (one touch or two touch)
Or-You can receive it-turn and sprint with the ball back to A-turn and make the long pass back to the server.

Note: You can do the entire sprint with the ball.

Do one repetition- active rest, then another rep. (three reps total).

4.) Speed work with the ball:



Sprint from A to B. When you get to B have a partner play the ball into you at a fairly hard pace. The ball should be played into you at different directions and pace-on the ground and in the air. It can be played into your body or in front of you, for you to sprint onto. This is an actual game like situation.

The object is to not let the ball run past you. Trap the ball in any legal way possible. Remember to try to receive it at speed. Get the ball down, as quickly as possible, under control and sprint to C. Turn at C and play it back quickly to the server. Server can do a one-two as you go back to A. Repeat.

Note: one of the faults of a lot of American players is that they can’t receive the ball at pace. Try to increase your speed as you receive the ball. This will take time and practice. The ball should stay close to you. Trap it, and get it under control. Remember-sensitizing your body will help with this exercise.

5.) 360 sprint and turns:



Sprint with a ball from A to B. Do a complete 360 with the ball around the cone. Then sprint with the ball to C. Continue doing a 360 around each cone, until you get back to A.

Active rest- then repeat.

Note: You can also do this exercise without a ball.

Get around the cones as fast as possible with the ball. You can do inside of the foot around, or outside of the foot around.

Most sprint work may need to be done outside, unless you have a fairly large indoor space.

After you finish any sprint work, it is best to slowly jog, and then do some stretching.

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